Top 5 foreign fantasisti from ’90s Serie A

Rui Costa fantasista Portugal

The fantasisti stranieri

During the 90s, Serie A was awash with quality number 10s with almost every team having a standout star, doing their thing, in that most glamorous of roles.

It was, however, a tough time to be a foreigner in the league, with matchday squads having to abide by the enforced ‘3 non-Italian’s only’ rule that was in place for part of the decade. What made things even harder for the ‘stranieri’ playmakers of that time, was the immense quality of the Italian number 10s.

It was the era of Baggio and Del Piero, Zola and Mancini, to name but a few. But you can’t keep a good number 10 down, regardless of nationality, and here are five of the best that provided just as much spectacle as their home-grown counterparts.

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