Revealed: Just who wore Maradona & Baggio shin-pad tributes?

Maradona Baggio

Former professional created inspirational tribute to No.10 idols

During their illustrious careers, not only did both Diego Maradona and Roberto Baggio inspire millions of football fans around the globe, but also many of their professional counterparts who looked to emulate them.

As two of the most magical number 10s the game has ever produced, who wouldn’t want to follow in their footsteps?

One such former player who recently revealed a unique tribute to the pair is Benito Carbone, who starred in both the Premier League and Serie A during a lengthy career which saw he appear for no less than 17 clubs.

Of those clubs, Carbone, who was himself a number 10 by trade, found Napoli the perfect place for a playmaker to thrive, and it was there where he began seeking ultimate inspiration for every game he played in, via a tribute to his idols.

Speaking with the Daily Mail for the Footballers’ Football Column, Carbone had the following to say:

When I was a player the I used to play in the No 10 shirt. Ten is such an important number in Italy. All the greats have worn it, from Roberto Baggio to Alessandro Del Piero and Francesco Totti, and I always wanted it. When I joined Napoli, I wore the same No 10 that had previously belonged to Maradona and Zola.

I’ll never forget my time there, 75,000 people inside the stadium singing a song specially for me. First of all Maradona, second Gianfranco Zola, third is Beni Carbone.

Benito Carbone

I used to ask Diego’s personal masseur at the club all about him, and the more I heard about how he used to give his time to help young players and other people, the more he became my absolute hero. It was then I decided to have his photo on my left shin, and it just made sense to have someone like Baggio on the other.

The manufacturers did it for me, and from that moment on, I wore them every game I played. Maradona in Argentina kit and Baggio in an Italy shirt. I just wanted something with me out on the pitch that would give me inspiration, and they did. They gave me strength and confidence to try things that would entertain the crowd.

They are safe in my home now, a special memento from my playing days.

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