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PLAYMAKER /Pley-Mey-Ker/

Fantasista10 is always on the lookout for creative pieces of work that pay homage to the fantasisti, and their ilk.

Here, artist Daniel Nyari does just that with Playmaker, which he describes as:

A player in football who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score. He often plays centrally between the opposition’s defence & attack. He has also been known as a trequartista, regista, enganche, meia-armadror, meia-de-ligação, fantasisti, rifinitore, or false nine depending on cultural origin and/or position.

Numerous legendary ‘number 10s’ are represented – both past and present – in stunningly unique glory.

New avatar, anyone?

You can buy an excellent print here and see more of Daniel’s work at


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