Maradona: Messi never disappointed me

Argentina number 10

Diego hopes for Messi ‘revenge’ in Brazil

Legendary number 10, idol and one of the best fantasisti to ever play the game has come out to absolve Lionel Messi of any blame during the 2010 World Cup.

Speaking after a recent visit to Italy, Diego Maradona stated he was impressed by the diminutive forward when he took charge of him whilst the manager of Argentina, claiming he ‘was not disappointed with Messi in 2010’.

In the last World Cup, surprisingly, Messi did not find the back of the net. However, he carved out chances for many of his countrymen according to the former Albiceleste coach who recalls:

“He created a lot when we went out [onto the pitch].”

This time around, Messi has been scoring almost at will in the qualifiers. He even surpassed Maradona’s goal tally for the national team and it seems that at the home of their bitter rivals Brazil, it may be the opportune moment for ‘La Pulga Atomica’ to shine and finally win a trophy with the national side, which has eluded him since the Olympics in 2008.

He points out however, that Messi will need better luck this time around if he is to reach the high standards he has set for himself.

“If he had scored the chances he missed we would have been world champions. He was unlucky. But, I hope he will revenge in Brazil”

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