Lionel Messi’s golden foot unveiled

Lionel Messi golden fantasista

Forget the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball – he’s already won several of those – Lionel Messi is now the man with the golden foot.

The Barcelona number 10 has had a statuette of his left foot, made of pure gold, created by Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka, in Tokyo.

The model was moulded from a cast recently taken of the most lethal left foot in the game, and is estimated to be worth approximately £3.5 million, weighing 25kg and standing 25cm tall.

Messi’s brother, Rodrigo, attended the news conference to unveil the piece whilst in a video message, the number 10 himself stated he was ‘honoured’ to have his foot cast to commemorate his achievements.

The golden foot will now go on sale, and is issued by the Leo Messi Foundation, which helps children at risk around all around the world. Fancy a bid?

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