Djorkaeff: Lippi the reason I left Inter

Inter Milan playmaker

Inter Milan legend Yuri Djorkaeff has revealed that Marcelo Lippi’s arrival as coach was the main reason he left the Nerazzurri.

The former France forward was adored by the Inter faithful, with his goal creating and scoring prowess helping him become one of the biggest stars in Serie A during that time.

Speaking on his former club’s official TV station Inter Channel, the World Cup winner told how his mind was made up to leave San Siro as soon as Lippi was confirmed as the team’s next coach.

When Lippi signed with us, I knew I would have left shortly after. He was a Juventino – how on earth could he coach Inter?

I asked Moratti to leave the club. I didn’t want to work with that manager. The president understood straight away. I didn’t want to play for any other Italian team, even if I received lot of offers. In Italy, there is only Inter for me.

It now seems Roberto Baggio wasn’t the only Inter playmaker Marcelo Lippi’s arrival had a negative effect on.

Djorkaeff also recounted what was perhaps his most famous goal for Inter – the truly spectacular volley versus Roma – and what it meant to all those connected at the time.

The goal against Roma was a moment for true Nerazzurri fans. That goal was seen everywhere around the world. In the San Siro, wearing that shirt, our fans, my teammates…everything was amazing.

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