Cassano brings new ‘Messi’ into the world

Messi Cassano Barcelona

The future of the fantasista was possibly all but assured this week with news that Antonio Cassano has named his newborn son after the greatest number 10 of this generation – Lionel Messi.

Earlier in the week the Italian playmaker revealed that his “love” and admiration for the Barcelona star influenced the naming of his second son. He explained to Italian TV show Undici:

I named him Lionel because I’m a massive fan of the best player in history. My wife wasn’t keen, but then I convinced her.

In my opinion, Messi is the most important player in history. I’m in love with him on a footballing level.

Cassano probably didn’t need to clarify the type of “love” he feels for the Argentine superstar; especially after causing a storm during Euro 2012 when comments he made were deemed homophobic, earning him a €15,000 UEFA fine in the process.

Upon hearing the news, Messi thanked fantAntonio for the honour, sending the Inter forward a text message congratulating him on his latest addition to the family.

The pair were put in contact by Inter captain Javier Zanetti, a former international teammate of Messi’s, who acted as a middle-man between the two.

If the newborn does follow in his father’s playmaking footsteps and ends up with even just a quarter of the ability of his Christian namesake’s, then Lionel Cassano will be quite the footballer.

Future fantasista star? You heard it here first!

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