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Welcome…to the wonderful world of the fantasista: A world full of creativity and invention, of imagination and entertainment, of artistry and magic.

Celebrating all things playmaker related, fantasista10 is a feature-based football site, offering a unique mix of news, lifestyle, culture and views from around the globe, with a focus on players – past and present – who provide the real artistic spectacle, glamour, and magic in the game – the fantasisti!

However, fantasista10 represents more than just a mix of football news and views; we delve into the sub-culture of football’s most symbolic number, with content and contributions from some of the game’s most respected journalists, coaches, players and fans from around the world.

Fantasista10 started life as a blog and was originally formed back in 2011, though, through various disguises on sites such as footballmundial.co.uk, has been around for much, much longer.

Recently featured on The Guardian¬† Sports Network under their ‘5 favourite things‘ section, fantasista10 continues to go from strength to strength.

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5 Favourite Things

If you would like to become part of the fantasista10 following and have your work published as a writer or guest writer,  you can find us on Twitter @fantasistaTEN or drop us an email: fantasistaten@gmail.com. You can also contact me, the Editor, direct @fantasista1077.