5 Number 10s with points to prove in 2016/17

Paris Number 10 playmaker

Playmakers with intriguing subplots

The European football season is about to return, bringing with it a number of new subplots for us to dissect and disseminate as the kick-off draws ever closer.

New signings; new coaches; new formations; new developments over the summer months – the levels of intrigue and excitement are at a maximum, as are the hopes of every fan, player and coach.

Top of the list for us at Fantasista10 is obviously how the guardians of the beautiful game – the playmakers – will perform. And with an abundance to follow, we’ve decided to choose five who we feel will be the most compelling to watch during the season’s first few months.

Outrageously talented, these Number 10s also have big points to prove which should make for fascinating viewing during the first few months of the 2016/17 campaign.

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