5 fantasisti who starred for River Plate

River Plate fantasista

A visit to Los Millonarios’ fantasista factory

Argentina has always enjoyed a special relationship with the number 10 shirt, with clubs spawning consistent batches of talented playmakers who encompass the unique fantasista spirit; not least, the country’s most successful domestic side, River Plate.

Los Millonarios seemed to have built a ‘fantasista factory’ at one stage – complete with conveyor belt – producing some of the most exciting, creative players Argentina (and then inevitably, Europe) has ever seen.

Many gained the tag (and whisper it in these parts) ‘the new Maradona’ such was the country’s obsession with finding a replacement for their favourite son. Still, these number 10s were simply adored by the River faithful and were a pleasure to watch during their times at the Monumental.

Click below to view 5 of the best who wore the famous red stripe.

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