5 fantasisti who failed at Barcelona

Maradona number 10 barcelona
Diego Armando Maradona in the presentation of the F.C. Barcelona (Photo by Sigfrid Casals/Cover/Getty Images)

Playmakers who failed to shine brightest with Barcelona

Maradona may be the ultimate example here, for his eventful yet ultimately disappointing stay with Barcelona; yet his short stay in Catalunya was perhaps more down to off-field antics and an ever-growing and out of control entourage which saw his time cut short by the club, rather than his form on the pitch (an impressive 38 goals in only 58 appearances over two seasons ) – though, obviously, injuries and illness also played a massive part in el Diez never fully settling in Spain.

The following playmakers endured a strange indignity with Barcelona, either through form, coaching ideology clashes, cultural differences, weight of expectation, or perhaps all of the aforementioned, ensuring their time at the club was sadly curtailed.

Lauded in their home countries, almost all of the players to make this list were integral to their national teams, making the unfolding events in the Catalan capital even more surprising to those who had witnessed their initial potential, greatness at other clubs, or when starring in international tournaments.

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